Chewable Probiotic 6 Billion 2 Bottles x 100 Chewable Tablets
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Chewable Probiotic 6 Billion, 100 Chewable Tablets, 2 Bottles

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Piping Rock’s Chewable Probiotic-10 contains 3 billion active organisms from 10 different probiotic strains per serving in a delicious, natural berry-flavored chewable tablet. * These bacteria work to promote digestive wellness and to support the delicate balance of your digestive system, helping to maintain a favorable environment for nutrient absorption. ** Get your stomach happy today!

*Piping Rock Chewable Probiotic-10 contains over 6 billion active organisms per serving (including the naturally occurring metablic product produced by Lactobacilli) at the time of manufacture.

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